Del Sol Flex Power Mat

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Del Sol Flex Power Mat

The flexible Flex Power Mat RV Kit includes a 12V 30A digital charge controller and 25' of 10 gauge wire. Generates 68W, 4.1A, 16.5V and is capable of producing as much energy over the course of a 10 hour day than a 100W crystalline panel (flush mounted) on the roof of your RV. Hard panels can lose up to approximately 40% of energy production capabilities by not having them angled to the sun. Gives you unrestricted roof access, you can even walk on it! The durability of this product is unmatched in the RV industry, withstands hale storms and other types of weather not excluding extreme heat or cold. No wind chatter, its low profile aerodynamic design is perfect for resistance in high winds and is aesthetically pleasing, creates no wind drag when traveling. Has bypass diodes, is shadow tolerant and has more efficient energy production even on overcast dull days. 

Length 9.5'

Width 17.5"

This contain the mat only.


While supplies last. Call or text for availability.