6'x10' Pike Angler Skid House (Vibrant Orange)

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6'x10' Pike Angler Skid House (Vibrant Orange)

6' X 10' Pike Angler Skid Fish House

  • Spray foam insulation on the inside- R7
  • 2 Window- 23.5" W X 17.5" H
  • Door- 26.5" W X 72.5" H
  • Has two double LED light on the ceiling and one light outside by the door
  • Spear hole dimensions- 48.5" X 27.5"
  • 4 Catchcover hole covers are installed
  • Coin flooring
  • Aluminum Frame
  • 480 LBS
  • Ski Length 132.75"
  • Ski Width 73.5"
  • 1 year manufacturer warranty on the skids, floor and structure


Can be used for spear fishing, hole fishing or a combination of the two. When the spear hole is in use there are 2 holes on the opposite side of the unit. With the spear hole not in use there are 4 holes available.


Color:Vibrant Orange